Plymouth District Library's Summer Reading Programs 2014
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3) Earn a point each time you log what you are reading, answer the quiz question on the Teen Zone webpage, and tell us about your other summer activities.
4) Log-on every day and complete up to 5 logs per day - one for each different activity.
5) Log as many points as you can before August 8, 2014.
6) Redeem points for prizes (everything from free ice cream to gift cards) when the Prize Store opens on July 14.

The more points you earn the more prizes you can get. Go to Plymouth Library's Teen Page for more ideas on how to earn bonus points and win more prizes!

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apollo 11
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Dance Workshop
Which Activity?
Fairy Tail: volume 26
Currently, the Fairy Tail S-class wizard test has been interrupted by the dark guild Grimoire Heart, who wish to kill all of the. On-magic users in the world. The wizards of Fairy Tail must stop this, but find it difficult to.